Amazon just unveiled its new device in its Echo Line-Up, called the Echo Look. The Echo Look is an Alexa powered camera with some LED Lights. It uses the voice command available with Amazon Alexa so that users can take photos and videos of themselves without having to touch the camera.

Just say “Alexa, take a photo”, and it will take a snap and send it straight to your smartphone where you can share it anywhere you want. Echo can also blurs out the background, making sure you are in focus in the picture.

Well, if you want to know how you like from all the angles, just ask Alexa to take a video and turn around 360 degree. Now you can just play the video back and see how you look from every single angle.

Another interesting feature is that, Echo comes with a “Style Check” that will basically tell you in which dress you look best. The feature is supposed to improve over time as well as it learns more about your specific style.

The Echo Look can also be used like Amazon’s Echo speakers, which means you can ask it, via Alexa, to give you the local weather forecast, read the news, set alarms and much more. The camera is priced at $199.99, but at the moment, it’s only available to purchase via a special invitation. You can request an invite to buy the Echo Look here


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