While Macs are more secure than Windows computers by default, but sometimes you just want to protect your personal files from preying eyes, making them inaccessible to everyone besides yourself. This can be data like financial statements, credit card information, photos or pretty much anything. Well, you can easily do that on a Mac.

How to Password Protect any Existing Folder on Mac

  • First of all, launch Disk Utility. You can do it via the Spotlight shortcut, hit Command + Space and type Disk Utility, and hit Enter.

  • Now in Disk Utility, navigate to the File menu from menu bar and select New Image > Image From Folder.

  • Now you will be asked to select the folder that you want to make a disk image out of. Select your desired folder.

  • On the next screen, you will be asked to select a name for your disk image, the location where you want to save it. In the dialog, there are the two options that matter the most: Encryption and Image Format. For Encryption, select 128-bit AES encryption (recommended), and for Image Format, pick read/write. After selecting the encryption, you will be asked to enter the password and verify it, do remember the password, if you forget it there is no way to access the files again. 

  • Once you hit Save, the creation process will begin. Depending on the size of your folder, it can take some time.

Please ensure that you do not allow for this password to be remembered in Keychain, otherwise there will be no point of having this folder in the first place. Once you’re satisfied, you can even delete the original folder and continue working with the protected disk image. But, you can definitely add more data if you like so.




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